Hello Everyone!

Me?Who am I? I wonder myself?  Am I the body or the mind. Having a just perfect family with two kids yet I find something missing. Constantly I look around for that something- an X factor to find contentment with my inner self- it seems to elude me. Visualizing to create a better life and world around keeps me happy. Here I try to connect those dots to find what life has in store for me.

For the people who don’t know me, my name is Sudha. I am a learner, a blogger,  and a teacher to my kids, not in that order though. I blog my random thoughts here. The thoughts could be happy, at times sad, at times funny, at times spiritual or just fiction.

I believe Life is good to you if you are good to others. 🙂



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Umbrella parenting

U:Umbrella parenting The umbrella has been our constant companion during changes in weather right from childhood. Be it sunny days or rainy ones it keeps reminding us that we have it within our reach for the much needed shade and comfort. As parents we guide our kids towards their success by either hovering around them … Continue reading Umbrella parenting

Red and white ~  the impact in our lives.

      Nature is filled with vibrant colours all around us. How would it look like if the whole world was just a shade of black and white isn’t it? The most vibrant amongst them is the red colour. Red is generally associated with burn, fire, heat, etc. Most of our social meets have … Continue reading Red and white ~  the impact in our lives.

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