Ways to retain fragrance in relationships

Ways to retain fragrance in relationships #NISSATalks #OpenNTalk Our next chosen topic being #FragranceInRelationships made me contemplate about various relations that we come across in our daily lives. Be it humans or inanimate things there is a tremendous powerhouse of energy that connects us with each element in nature. Retaining the fragrance in our relations … Continue reading Ways to retain fragrance in relationships


Secret to kindle your Inner child

#ChildWithin #OpenNTalk #NISSATalks Do you consider your childhood as the golden era? Do you miss those innumerable moments of fun you had without having to tick mark a long check list of to-do things daily? Just exploring the world out of curiosity; to not focus on targets, numbers, achievements and success was one of the … Continue reading Secret to kindle your Inner child

My Search for a perfect fitness regime

My Search for a perfect fitness regime #HumFitTohIndiaFit It had always been very easy for me during the first couple of decades that I existed. Why so? Well, because I was generally not a foodie and being totally slim and trim always I really never needed any diet to control my eating urges. In fact … Continue reading My Search for a perfect fitness regime

Illusion – a mystery

After a long break of almost a month I am back here. Having survived the A2Z Challenge 2018  I decided to take a break from thinking what to write, when and how to pen those thoughts. After a big fight with my own mind I decided it is time to push myself out of my … Continue reading Illusion – a mystery


Whatever starts has to have an end and so that is what is our life is all about. When I registered for this #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2018 there were just hopes. Hope to form a habit of writing daily.  After a certain point of time and age we all like to hold on to something that … Continue reading Zest