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Mind – An enigma

Did you play games with your mind?......... Read on... to see who wins.......


Theatrical Times

It was his first day in college. Rajeev stepped in the campus. He looked around peeping between the space of his glasses perched on his nose. He had lived a sheltered life until now. It was only books he had for company since childhood. Being prim and proper was his motto and never had he … Continue reading Theatrical Times

Wedding chills

  It was freezing. The girls were walking behind the bride. All dressed to ward off the cold breeze they held onto each other for warmth. The bride was dressed for her first look.  It was a new fad.  Yet she was shocked at what she had overheard earlier. The groom and his friends would … Continue reading Wedding chills

Cackle with glee

Always laugh while you can. It is cheap medicine. The quote stated. I wondered why do we have to remind ourselves with quotes around us to laugh. It doesn’t need effort but only reaction and imagination.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More often than not we tend to get busy during the day and generally do not take up … Continue reading Cackle with glee

Pongalo Pongal

‘Ma what is Pongal’? Why is it also called ‘Makar Sankranti’?, her curious little daughter asked. She thought this is the right time to let them absorb the significance of the festival. As they went over to the terrace where they stayed in Ahmedabad they saw the sky lit up with a vibrant colours and … Continue reading Pongalo Pongal

Unreal bliss

He was tired. It had been a long day for him. His eyes were groggy from lack of sleep. She was over-enthusiastic and rhythmically tapped her feet. He had two left feet. The video-grapher was causing a commotion. He had gone through the moves as per instructions. The lush floral set had been installed for … Continue reading Unreal bliss

Significance of a South Indian feast

A South Indian feast is  served on the 'Elai' [banana leaf] and is called the 'Saddhi Sappadu'. The minute the visual of South Indian food comes to you; you visualize an infinite number of dishes spread over the banana leaf. Be it any occasion, festival or wedding or even a ‘shraadh’; the unpretentious banana leaf … Continue reading Significance of a South Indian feast

Be in the moment and enjoy

With the year 2017  sinking to sleep and a New Year beginning, the twelve months are already vanishing into the depths of memory.  I am sure there were some awesome flavours of the year in all our lives.  Maybe it was a different in little ways for some or maybe it was just the same … Continue reading Be in the moment and enjoy


A post about my little munchkin.. do read it here https://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/motherhood-tales/article/movie-time-with-toddler    

Random ramblings in midst of the night

The PARANOID  MIND [2]   An alarm from my junior's smartwatch goes off disturbing my sleep exactly at mid night. He has forgotten to wear it. So it just resounds in my ears and none else in the house who snore peacefully devoid of any disturbances. I push myself out of my comforter and wake … Continue reading Random ramblings in midst of the night