The sheer exhaustion that all breaking news causes us nowadays on reading or is within earshot has reached its zenith. Imagine a headline that read- GLOBAL PEACE PREVAILS ON EARTH A DESIRE TO INHABIT OTHER PLANETS REDUCES DRASTICALLY Would it cause happiness, harmony, contentment or would you just smirk and shove out the … Continue reading GLOBAL PEACE PREVAILS-BREAKING NEWS


  It was once again that time of the year when all of us were to meet annually. We looked forward to another beguiling school reunion of sorts. All our senses were actively involved in preparations and were working hand in hand, for the evening. It was also reported, in various zones, that there was … Continue reading Reunion

Theatrical Times

It was his first day in college. Rajeev stepped in the campus. He looked around peeping between the space of his glasses perched on his nose. He had lived a sheltered life until now. It was only books he had for company since childhood. Being prim and proper was his motto and never had he … Continue reading Theatrical Times

Pongalo Pongal

‘Ma what is Pongal’? Why is it also called ‘Makar Sankranti’?, her curious little daughter asked. She thought this is the right time to let them absorb the significance of the festival. As they went over to the terrace where they stayed in Ahmedabad they saw the sky lit up with a vibrant colours and … Continue reading Pongalo Pongal

Be in the moment and enjoy

With the year 2017  sinking to sleep and a New Year beginning, the twelve months are already vanishing into the depths of memory.  I am sure there were some awesome flavours of the year in all our lives.  Maybe it was a different in little ways for some or maybe it was just the same … Continue reading Be in the moment and enjoy