Third time lucky

Sheela stood looking out at the blue sky. She removed her hair clip and set her reddish brown hair free. She was standing on the terrace sipping her wine. As she placed it down on the table red stains of lipstick were left behind on the cup. A sense of accomplishment hung over her. A … Continue reading Third time lucky


Love conquers

The guests had all arrived. The wedding rituals had begun. The time had come. As she turned towards the door, he stood there in front of her. She was not only shocked but fretful. Now that she had almost 'let go' of the thought that there no love between them; she did not expect him … Continue reading Love conquers


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30 things that make me happy

As i sat down to write for this prompt there were various thoughts that kept me in an exhilarated mood. It was an awesome feeling jotting down things and acknowledging these things that make me happy. Nature has it all. What would we do without water? It is the elixir of our lives. We are … Continue reading 30 things that make me happy


    The sheer exhaustion that all breaking news causes us nowadays on reading or is within earshot has reached its zenith. Imagine a headline that read- GLOBAL PEACE PREVAILS ON EARTH A DESIRE TO INHABIT OTHER PLANETS REDUCES DRASTICALLY Would it cause happiness, harmony, contentment or would you just smirk and shove out the … Continue reading GLOBAL PEACE PREVAILS-BREAKING NEWS