Like every normal family, my morning starts with my father listening to the news channel loud as an alarm, my grandfather sipping his morning tea while reading the newspaper, my younger brother wasting his time scrolling through social media and my mother waiting for our house help. Strange! today was a little different because she is never late. I just entered the kitchen to help Maa when the doorbell rang, has to be my house help. As I open the door it was her 7-year-old daughter standing in front of me with few flowers she plucked for me on her way. My maid rushed in and went straight to the kitchen, I took her daughter’s hand to take her inside, let me tell you I love this kid she is the sweetest. As I held her she asks me to carry her inside which I generally enjoy doing as I…

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Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’

Hello peeps, here I am, the same indolent writer ushering in the New Year 2020 with hopes that this year and new decade might bring about some change in me! Well, in truth we may not change much but a little extra than ordinary change surely can be bought out from within. A new decade … Continue reading Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’

A rendezvous with a musical club

Musical club ‘Aawaaz Aur Andaaz Karaoke Club’ on 6th Sunday 2019 The musical club aptly named “Aawaaz Aur Andaaz’ Karaoke has a great number of wannabe singers and a few trained singers who live their dreams here on stage. It is one of the finest platforms for singers who want to polish their skills amidst … Continue reading A rendezvous with a musical club

Third time lucky

Sheela stood looking out at the blue sky. She removed her hair clip and set her reddish brown hair free. She was standing on the terrace sipping her wine. As she placed it down on the table red stains of lipstick were left behind on the cup. A sense of accomplishment hung over her. A … Continue reading Third time lucky

Game changer

************************************* All four niece and nephews met up with Riya. It was an annual family gathering, at a famous restaurant. To keep the hyper active kids busy till the food arrived on the table she queried aloud “Anyone for a game of tic-tac-toe”? With a good load of energy all the kids huddled together to … Continue reading Game changer