Pongalo Pongal

‘Ma what is Pongal’? Why is it also called ‘Makar Sankranti’?, her curious little daughter asked. She thought this is the right time to let them absorb the significance of the festival. As they went over to the terrace where they stayed in Ahmedabad they saw the sky lit up with a vibrant colours and … Continue reading Pongalo Pongal


Significance of a South Indian feast

A South Indian feast is  served on the 'Elai' [banana leaf] and is called the 'Saddhi Sappadu'. The minute the visual of South Indian food comes to you; you visualize an infinite number of dishes spread over the banana leaf. Be it any occasion, festival or wedding or even a ‘shraadh’; the unpretentious banana leaf … Continue reading Significance of a South Indian feast