The New Year Treat

She had finally achieved her goal. She wondered how she never noticed it earlier. People around had begun to notice the change. Not realizing that she was well beyond her target;  she thought she should have checked the calendar earlier. That showed how focused she was towards her goals. She smiled happily. It was almost … Continue reading The New Year Treat

30 things that make me happy

As i sat down to write for this prompt there were various thoughts that kept me in an exhilarated mood. It was an awesome feeling jotting down things and acknowledging these things that make me happy. Nature has it all. What would we do without water? It is the elixir of our lives. We are … Continue reading 30 things that make me happy


It had been almost a week of partying continuously. Shelly and George had an invitation to Dining Impossible, one of the world’s sought after parties that included sessions with Michelin Star chefs and celebrity sommeliers. They were restaurant hopping and rubbing shoulders with the uber-rich from various corners of the world. The women were all … Continue reading Red-faced


  It was once again that time of the year when all of us were to meet annually. We looked forward to another beguiling school reunion of sorts. All our senses were actively involved in preparations and were working hand in hand, for the evening. It was also reported, in various zones, that there was … Continue reading Reunion

A prank – #writebravely

************************************************ It was her first time. Raji had decided to hit the road this time and hone her driving skills. Though she had learnt all the driving she wanted to there was hardly a scope to put her learning to practical use. She and Shaji, her husband, never owned a car. As their workplaces were … Continue reading A prank – #writebravely