It was once again that time of the year when all of us were to meet annually. We looked forward to another beguiling school reunion of sorts. All our senses were actively involved in preparations and were working hand in hand, for the evening. It was also reported, in various zones, that there was a … Continue reading Reunion


A prank – #writebravely

************************************************ It was her first time. Raji had decided to hit the road this time and hone her driving skills. Though she had learnt all the driving she wanted to there was hardly a scope to put her learning to practical use. She and Shaji, her husband, never owned a car. As their workplaces were … Continue reading A prank – #writebravely

Secret to kindle your Inner child

#ChildWithin #OpenNTalk #NISSATalks Do you consider your childhood as the golden era? Do you miss those innumerable moments of fun you had without having to tick mark a long check list of to-do things daily? Just exploring the world out of curiosity; to not focus on targets, numbers, achievements and success was one of the … Continue reading Secret to kindle your Inner child

The announcement

  “Welcome aboard to XYZ airlines. We welcome you all in Flight 389 from BBB to ZZZ. We have some of the best pilots in the industry but unfortunately none of them present now….” Continuing with seat-belt routine, “To operate it you just insert the metal tab in the buckle and pull tight. If you … Continue reading The announcement

Wedding chills

  It was freezing. The girls were walking behind the bride. All dressed to ward off the cold breeze they held onto each other for warmth. The bride was dressed for her first look.  It was a new fad.  Yet she was shocked at what she had overheard earlier. The groom and his friends would … Continue reading Wedding chills