Wedding chills

  It was freezing. The girls were walking behind the bride. All dressed to ward off the cold breeze they held onto each other for warmth. The bride was dressed for her first look.  It was a new fad.  Yet she was shocked at what she had overheard earlier. The groom and his friends would … Continue reading Wedding chills


Unreal bliss

He was tired. It had been a long day for him. His eyes were groggy from lack of sleep. She was over-enthusiastic and rhythmically tapped her feet. He had two left feet. The video-grapher was causing a commotion. He had gone through the moves as per instructions. The lush floral set had been installed for … Continue reading Unreal bliss

Mind matters

  Arpita looked up at her mom anguished. “But, why me,ma? Why does this always happen to me?” “You remember that day at your birthday party the way you had lived your life like there was no tomorrow”? Arpita’s face transformed magically in to a smile. She said, “Yes, how can I forget that day!” … Continue reading Mind matters

Made for each other

It was an exotic location they had  travelled for their honeymoon. The quixotic blue waters and the tranquility filled their mind. There was nothing that lacked the serene surroundings. ***** This was his second innings. He wanted to speak out his mind to her. Yet there was hesitation. He was determined not to ruin anything. … Continue reading Made for each other

Love has its own time

This could be a fairy tale maybe for you.. I pen these thoughts that are experienced while observing close relations or friends.


He was denied permission. He stealthily moved out through the front door. Lights out, he drove his rusty car slowly down the woods to his friend’s place. His eyes fell upon a signboard that read “Dexter drive”. It looked similar to the ones he saw in his sleepless nights. His legs automatically pushed the brake. … Continue reading Nightmare

The dream house

This post was selected as #Featured blogger by Tina Basu for #Fridayfotofiction .. Read on ... ***************** With hammer in tow he entered the house. His boss had asked him to create an 8th wonder. He wanted it to be the talk of the town. He had done his best to build a dream house … Continue reading The dream house

A New Beginning

    ‘The surgery is a success!’ exclaimed the doctor. Everyone around was ecstatic. He was a well-known surgeon and his success rate was high. It was another path-breaking invention giving a new life to his patient suffering from terminal illness. ********* Santosh walked into the retail shop. He looked around unsure where to begin.  … Continue reading A New Beginning