It was once again that time of the year when all of us were to meet annually. We looked forward to another beguiling school reunion of sorts. All our senses were actively involved in preparations and were working hand in hand, for the evening. It was also reported, in various zones, that there was a … Continue reading Reunion


The Wait

  ************************************************************************* Lucy and Joyce were childhood friends.   Whenever they met, minutes flew to hours and they lost track of time chatting. Memories hovered over the mind lending happiness to the currently strewn state of thoughts.  Today she waited a little impatiently for Joyce. Only this time she had not travelled to the airport to … Continue reading The Wait

Letter of gratitude #Day 6 WT

Dear Universe, [ It may sound a bit tacky that I am addressing the whole Universe to express gratitude  but very honestly I cannot really isolate just one person, as at every stage of life I have had one or many persons who have supported me whole heartedly, some actively & maybe some passively, before … Continue reading Letter of gratitude #Day 6 WT

The staircase of life #Day 5

She took one step at a time, Would it lead to her fate soon or not She couldn’t fathom it at all. As she climbed each step prudently, A noise was heard in background Unwavering she kept her focus on Rising until she reached the height Only to toss curiosity out of sight She spun … Continue reading The staircase of life #Day 5

The bucket list #Writebravely #Day4

  **************************************************************  Jun 27 – “You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille   As Steve read this proverb he wondered. What were the possibilities of him defining limits and achieving it without much hindrance? He had been around in the … Continue reading The bucket list #Writebravely #Day4