Third time lucky

Sheela stood looking out at the blue sky. She removed her hair clip and set her reddish brown hair free. She was standing on the terrace sipping her wine. As she placed it down on the table red stains of lipstick were left behind on the cup. A sense of accomplishment hung over her. A … Continue reading Third time lucky

Is convenience fun or strenuous?

Past few years have seen a new trend that has upgraded our lifestyle with the numerous applications for online shopping. It sure feels pleasurable while you shop. Just stop to think for a minute. Yet is the convenience fun or strenuous for us? Is too much convenience good for our mental and physical health? If … Continue reading Is convenience fun or strenuous?

In search of joy

She would never feel joy again - #Post 2 #MyFriendAlexa   Shyla sat in front of her interviewer. They had invited her upon for a chat session after her recent awards in choreography. She had been honoured five awards in the recent Filmstar Awards. As she looked back a few years ago she could feel … Continue reading In search of joy