Whatever starts has to have an end and so that is what is our life is all about. When I registered for this #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2018 there were just hopes. Hope to form a habit of writing daily.  After a certain point of time and age we all like to hold on to something that … Continue reading Zest

Yesteryear memories

Yesteryear memories Talking of yesteryear my memory goes back to all those moments when we cherished those shows aired on Doordarshan during the weekend. Many of us had just about begun owing a television set at home. The era of DD1 during the 80's kept us engrossed for a few hours in the weekends and … Continue reading Yesteryear memories

Xīnshǎng- Appreciate your tolerance

Xīnshǎng  nǐ de kuānróng  - Appreciate your tolerance towards my posts  After trying to write on various topics and being unable to write more than a few lines i decided to merge all my thoughts in to one. At the end of it all it is about the appreciation i received from my co bloggers, … Continue reading Xīnshǎng- Appreciate your tolerance

Wading whales

      A whale teaches us to listen to our inner voice. Many cultures look up on the whale as their spiritual teacher. The whales dive deep down to the sea and emerge out of it after enduring immense pressure in the ocean. Just the same the animal teaches us to endure the physical … Continue reading Wading whales

Victory over mind

V:Victory over mind I am sure you all have an enriched source of information regarding all types of volcanoes. To revisit it again, volcanoes are a small opening in the earth’s crust that allow the magma gases and ashes to escape from it. There are active as well as dormant volcanoes. Some tend to become … Continue reading Victory over mind