Umbrella parenting

U:Umbrella parenting The umbrella has been our constant companion during changes in weather right from childhood. Be it sunny days or rainy ones it keeps reminding us that we have it within our reach for the much needed shade and comfort. As parents we guide our kids towards their success by either hovering around them … Continue reading Umbrella parenting


Tidal waves

      *********************************************************************   Considering the spectacular nature of the deep-sea there is a lot of wisdom to gain from it and the tidal waves. One of the days when I visited the sea; I sat by the rocks and just observed the flow of the tidal waves. I realised it has a soothing … Continue reading Tidal waves

Simplicity is power

  Beauty in simplicity: We are so busy in the rat race that we find ourselves being pulled down the abyss without our own knowledge. If we want to be peaceful and experience the feeling of wholeness in life then we just need to quit running after pomp and show. Yes it is a tad … Continue reading Simplicity is power

Red and white ~  the impact in our lives.

      Nature is filled with vibrant colours all around us. How would it look like if the whole world was just a shade of black and white isn’t it? The most vibrant amongst them is the red colour. Red is generally associated with burn, fire, heat, etc. Most of our social meets have … Continue reading Red and white ~  the impact in our lives.

Question that transform us

    Questions that transform us   For most of my life I have asked questions just like children do. Very often these questions get lost in the complex maze like structures in our mind. We find it difficult to find the way out and get stuck in the labyrinths of our own mind. Sometimes … Continue reading Question that transform us

Pencil principles

P: Pencil principles Paulo Coelho, one of my favourite authors,  quoted in his book “Like the flowing river” – “What matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.”    A pencil is the most useful thing that come handy … Continue reading Pencil principles

Owl’s wisdom

O: Owl's wisdom For years in history and through many cultures, people have regarded Owls alluringly and in awe. There are hardly any creatures that would  be a part of various contradictory beliefs. For long many years we have seen and heard various emotions with regards to the Owl. Some feared, some venerated, at times … Continue reading Owl’s wisdom

Nest & nightingale

Lessons from nature N: Nest & Nightingale I remember when I was young we had trees growing closer to our houses unlike now.  Most branches would slant across our windows giving us a perfect view of birds and their nests.  When the time was right for hatching eggs the birds like crow and sparrows began … Continue reading Nest & nightingale

Mango magic

Come summers and we listen to just one query over and over again, ‘Will you have some mangoes? Would you like to have some 'aamras'?” Who doesn’t like them isn’t it?Well, I do remember those days when we used to climb trees together with friends to pluck those little mangoes and add a dash of … Continue reading Mango magic

Lotus in bliss

  The lotus blooms amidst all the swamp around it. It glows beautifully. Doesn't it stay unaffected by its surroundings? There is a blissful feeling about the flower even when its circumstances are far from being clean, bright and hygienic. It is fully covered in mud and dirt whole night. Through the muddy backdrop we … Continue reading Lotus in bliss