Pandemic diaries -2

Pandemic diaries-2 : Hope and patience

The quote ‘patience is virtue’ was taught in school. We probably never understood it before but a virus ensured we understood, realized and implemented it to the core this year in 2020. The key word is ‘tolerance’ – how tolerant are you and how can you keep your degree of tolerance levels high?

March -April- June 2020

A cacophony of noises was heard. It was kids enjoying their evening after the second last exam had finished. There was a day’s holiday and my son’s last exam was left.

There was a fortnightly vacation between the last exam and the wait for next academic year to begin. My sister in law with her two kids had already arrived, from abroad. My daughter too arrived from her hostel. We were looking forward for a house full of action for roughly two weeks.

Little did we realize life was about to change in a couple of days.

Who thought life would turn topsy-turvy while we conveniently assumed the COVID19 virus would probably bypass our country.

Oh! Well, so much for our optimistic thoughts.  It was not meant to be I guess.

News started trickling in about COVID19 cases from all sources. It is for the first time in our lives it seemed none of us have a past reference point to look up to, to sort this problem.

Psychological strain: Having a relative over meant -it psyched all our neighbours.  We were inundated with calls from a few of them. As an emotion of FEAR took over, negative vibes could be felt right inside our home. Though there were no COVID19 symptoms whatsoever we felt the strain. More people at home meant handling various emotions and building resilience to stay optimistic.

The thought process of everyone in neighbourhood was -What if all of us had the virus? What if it spreads to all in society? – The thought spread like wildfire! It seemed the virus could just jump floors, scale the walls and enter other’s houses just like that through the door. Not to mention the necessary precautions followed by all of us. All ruses of sanitation were tested by us to be ultra-safe!! Five litres of hand sanitizers filled our shelves for added measure – adorning the basins in restrooms, kitchen, on a shelf outside our house,  and at entry inside the house and wherever else it was deemed necessary. Masks and gloves would soon follow. I guess we freaked out. Was this going to be the new normal?

By mid-March our freedom came at a cost. As our society began to chalk out plans and manage the situation wisely, some of us were extra careful but there were others who were fearless and walking out to meet friends or shopping. House helps/maids were and are still discontinued since March. We heard the word ‘Aatmanirbhar’ later. We were being self-reliant much earlier.  Though I am used to being at home these few weeks added a little stress.

Life came to a standstill with our movements restricted. Groceries and veggie vendors were arranged within our society premises to ensure basic needs were met. After the initial apprehensions we learnt to adjust with whatever was available.

Work from home came with its own issues. At times breakfast, lunch and even dinner had to be handed inside at the temporary office desk set up by my husband.

Online education had its own pros and cons- with kids being engaged it was a boon  and while our kids were okay learning from home, it added immense pressure on our family.  It was good for a change to not prepare snack box on time or run towards a waiting school bus. Yet in our house we had ‘first come first serve restrooms’ and ‘musical laptops’, ‘find-your-own-corner’ and so on.. so we could adjust our time and laptop availability according to country-wise teaching schedules among four kids. It was a chore to ensure; the precariously balanced bowl of water by a 4 year old sat upright lest it upturn on laptop; while one of the elders had to assist him in his class activity.

A few days into the lock down and we were dealing with lot of emotions like insecurity, anger, irritation, and test of patience and tolerance and to top it all FEAR. THERE WAS FEAR IN EVERYONE’S MINDS. This transformed positive emotions to negative vibes around us.

This pandemic had affected even the most resilient ones.

The result of this fear was seen all around us. As the cases rose, it was saddening to see details of each and every patient having COVID19+ being spread across through social media channels.

Amidst trying to differentiate between fake and real news we spent our days inside.  In spite of the given situation, there was a silver lining – some moments  we felt there is still hope. Hope gave us positive energy and we looked forward only to realise the lockdown being extended.

Positive Moments : During those few optimistic moments, we chanted 108 times OM, at times chanted other hymns, meditated, utilized the dormant KARAOKE set, ensured kids were engaged in online classes for dance, art, craft and yoga and tried spreading HOPE amidst ‘FEAR of an ambiguous future’.

The doctors in our apartment helped us with timely advice to stay safe.

Other news that followed– While news of COVID19 did not die it was nonetheless followed by news of cyclone, unemployment, locusts, earthquakes and migrant labourers too.


CORONA VIRUS pandemic just reduced our wants. Now it is up to us to realize can we survive with these basic needs in life?

It is easy to distinguish between needs and wants now.  We spent on only essentials and saw our expense graph dip down with regards to eating out or shopping irrelevant things. That had me thinking- WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE NEED TO SURVIVE RIGHT NOW?  2-3 meals a day, a cell phone/tab/laptop and a Wi-Fi network to stay connected or work from home, a pair of clothes and maybe a non-judgmental friend to talk to. I have been making use of technology to connect with friends and relatives now over video calls. It sure makes them feel good and me too.

It is a boon that we can relax in our balconies and sip tea amidst abundant nature blooming around us. We observe the freshness in trees and plants. Parrots, myna, sparrows and crows are our regular visitors. Less of noise and air pollution now makes us feel active and less lethargic.

What was your learning during this pandemic.. do let me know in the comments section.

closing this post with this poem

Jab tootne lage ..

Pics credits: google


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33 thoughts on “Pandemic diaries -2

  1. Other than falling ill, corona induced lockdown has created many challenges. Because many handymen like carpenters, plumbers, painters etc are not allowed to come to the housing societies, some due of rule society other due to curfew and non movement due to non essentiality of service, small household jobs like drain choking etc have become a nightmare. At many places people have moved to their native places. City dwellers are stuck in cities without the wherewithal to survive without maids, and other handymen. Yes patience has become a virtue, because our options are limited.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes options are limited and we have to be plumbing, electric and other odd chores necessary to be done on time at home. Of course it is a difficult time with no.labourers available now and societies like ours that began whitewashing are left in the lurch now.
      Thanks Abhijit for stopping by.


  2. This Panademic has Taught us many things
    Since by and large it accepted that the virus had being Spread from Animals to Human
    So please Be Kind to all Livilng Beings and animals are also among them ,Dont let them be Gratifier of your sense which is Tounge.

    Start Practising Vege..

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  3. Interesting post to read. Yeah, this pandemic made us realize the difference between wants and needs. We can sustain with minimal as we thrived in lockdown ….and adopted healthy habits. Work from home got an identity


  4. Yes I had learnt a lot during this hard days.. specially importence of living in moment and having a sense of gratitude for god’s blessings. Loved your write up


  5. I can imagine the bombardment of calls from neighbours as they suspected your sis-in-law who had arrived from foreign to carry COVID.. however thankfully you guys didn’t have it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes..Thankfully all is well and has been since last few months.. and should be good next.few months as well. Thanks a ton Judy for sharing your thoughts


  6. You’re right, Resilience ain’t easy and when the period is so long. ANd minimalist is the new word to go with it. I hope this ( Minimalism) stands out even longer than required.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. 2020 has been a difficult year but as you rightly pointed out Sudha it has come with its share of blessings- family time, time to pursue a long lost hobby or find a new one, realization of what actually matters in life- which are a few things and not those we were mindlessly pursuing. Vital points raised Sudha, hope all’s well at your end


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