Pandemic diaries -1

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#ShareTheLoad Movement

Life changed for all of us during the pandemic this year. The year 2020 bought about a lot of uncertainties in all our lives. Is it any wonder that we all were a part of lot of emotions like insecurity, uncertainty, envy, anger and many other passive sentiments? All these emotions formed a part of our daily thoughts. Though a few of us went through the motions alongside these negative feelings there was a lot of positive things happening around too in most of our lives. With work from home becoming the new normal in our lives it became evident that 24×7 you were at beck and call of office bosses.

In our house too we went through all these emotions. By first week of March with my son’s exams getting over, we had plans of shopping for him. Who knew things were bound to change soon? At the same time with husband being at home and my elder teen coming home from hostel it was a house full as usual. Suddenly the news of pandemic began pouring from all centres. To top it all we had a relative who landed from abroad. To make matters even more complicated to the already house full we now had 8 members in our family.


In between these anxious moments we began to hoard groceries. Our building society had arranged to send orders through google form to nearest supermarket and ensured we stay safe. It so happened with people hoarding food and groceries like there was no tomorrow we ended up receiving whatever the supermarket decided to send irrespective of which brands we wanted or quantity. DURING ONE SUCH ORDER PLACED WE RECEIVED ARIEL 4 KG BOX WHICH WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE USUAL BRAND I USED. Obviously it is a coincidence I am writing about this experience now. 🙂

All our members were delegated work at home depending on their age, height and capabilities. Husband and son helped along most duties. It was a wonder that they learned all details of how to go about the job with clear instructions from my daughter or me. There were of course bloopers with over loading of machines leading to soap being stuck in clothes which had to be rewashed. Yet all in all there was a lot of humourous times in between all the crisis that was happening all around.

It is true that life teaches us a lot. These are those few months that we have learned to live with tolerance and patience. Initially there was hope that things would come around soon, but with the lockdown extending three times most of us lost interest in outside world. It was easy turning inside. There was so much to learn from the given situation and also from people all around us. The emotions playing in everyone’s minds, if we observe keenly, speaks a lot and you can learn from just observing other’s body language.

Right now my relatives are still staying put with us for lack of international flights and we all share the workload. Right from the youngest 4 year old to eldest 84 year [my father in law] all of us have been assigned their jobs. When one sweeps the other mops the floor, if one cooks the other washes utensils, and so on. With a few and obvious misinterpretations and misunderstandings we have a long way to go before our lives come back to normal.

HOPE is a very important emotions in our lives. We live holding on it to it for a better tomorrow.

Here I would like to add a few lines that i heard last evening: –

 (  #ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry and #ShareChoresMultiplyLove in your blogpost.

Working together father and son

‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

p.s.:just received the message about participating for this early morning in my insta messages.Thanks to blogadda

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