Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’

Hello peeps, here I am, the same indolent writer ushering in the New Year 2020 with hopes that this year and new decade might bring about some change in me! Well, in truth we may not change much but a little extra than ordinary change surely can be bought out from within. A new decade rings in and social media goes berserk with New Year wishes. So, I decided to stay away from it completely!

I should say I am thankful for all that the New Year brings with it be the Good or Bad.

Frankly, to tell the truth I really haven’t attempted blogging much in the past few months. Last year around the same time, I had attended a musical show and was inspired to lay out my thoughts into words. Stepping out once again to attend another musical rendezvous this year appears to be an inspiration for me to jot down a few words to share my experience.

As I share my earlier post as mentioned below, I mentioned a musical club and their claim to fame.

This Karoke group/band who have re-launched themselves as ‘Sangg Geet’ is created by friends who have embarked on a musical journey providing pleasure to one and all while also paying tributes to the great masters of yore. The main feature of the show yesterday, the 5th Jan 2020, was a tribute to  R.D.Burman [Pancham-da] as he was affectionately called.

They have also welcomed a great number of aspiring singers alongside a few trained ones as well.  The format remains very much the same as I had revealed in the above mentioned post. Ever since the creation of this wonderful team there have been some legends who have graced the occasion like, Shri Ameen Sayani – yes the same voice who ruled the air waves for almost half a century and the famous producer, director and actor Shri Satish Kaushik in the show.

Yet again it was a magnificent melodious event where all the performers set the stage on fire. The famous line by Annu Malik “Tumne Aag laga di”..  was the only missing catchphrase in the show. I noticed that the level of commitment in the participants was way beyond our imagination. A participant, Malathi who sung ‘Lambi judai’, was burning with fever and yet managed to touch a chord with her soulful rendition. It nonetheless gained appreciation and applause from the audience.

The nostalgic series from 1980 -1990 was the theme of the show. As the musical numbers were belted out one by one; we could just sit and wonder ‘why do all good things have to end’. The stage was melodiously magical and confidence oozed out of the participants.

As Mohan- the show’s anchor and encyclopedia of the music industry kept us engrossed with his snippets as usual it sure felt like being a part of a Bollywood musical show. While our dear friend Krishnanand rendered a different song this time: “Dekha ek khwab tho” – a little out of his comfort zone yet doing justice to the song, the next stunning performance was ‘Dil Lena khel hai dildaar” followed by ‘pyaar tumhe kis mod pe’ were just brilliantly accomplished. Another common friend Vijay Kini beautifully rendered two songs a solo “Yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar” , and duet “Soni meri soni soni” with much exuberance.

While all the participants rendered their duets, an 18 year old Urjita- a debutante who innocently crooned to the tunes of ‘Hawa Hawai’ was the icing on the cake.

Though the wait, for listening to songs sung by our near and dear ones, was too long it was well worth the time lag. Not a minute was wasted either by the team or the live music conductor lead by Uma Devraj. An exact of 7 minutes was break time, for all, before they continued to showcase their talents.

The chief guest of the show Mr.Chaitanya Padukone, who has penned a biography titled ‘R.D. Burmania: Panchamemoirs’, had a few witty stories of his life with Pancham da to share and kept us in splits.

Needless to say a Sunday evening well spent in the company of esteemed singers.

P.s.: You could login to Facebook page of ‘Sangg Geet’  where you can follow the band to listen to ‘Sangg Geet’ stories articulated by none other than Mohan.

Also a special mention with the team being associated with the TRANQUIL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION an NGO based in Bengaluru catering to the education of the underprivileged. All the proceeds of the passes goes in to support the cause of empowering these children. You could visit the site here

You could check the below mentioned videos for some music renditions.

Since the professional recording of these songs are yet to appear in you tube I request you to kindly bear with the amateur videos that were recorded by me. Any inconvenience is regretted from bottom of my heart. I shall surely put up a better version of all the videos as soon as i receive them.

Hope to stay connected through this medium.

Vijay Kini on Yaad aa raha hai
Chaitanya Padukone with Mohan anchoring
check Uma at 0,24
dil lena khel

7 thoughts on “Musical rendezvous with band ‘Sangg Geet’

  1. Namaste😊. This is is Malathi. I’m so overwhelmed and humbled by your encouraging words. Im happy I attended the program that day. Your encouragement and appreciation only fostered my desire to pursue music further. I love this journey and would like to explore this divine art. The more you fathom this ocean, the more we feel don’t know anything about this. God is indeed very kind and my mom who gave me a musical ear with her melodious voice. Her lullabies are still ringing in my ears. I thank Sang geet and all the loving brothers and sisters and children, I came across in this group. Murli, Mohan and Badri, special thanks to you all and I’m amazed at your burning desire to excel😊. Im sure this group will go places and long as valuable audience like you are there, its beyond any doubts:).
    Thank you, Sudha🥰 lots of luv!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton Malathi for your kind words. In actual even though I love to listen to music I cannot even fathom singing for an audience lest people disappear. 🙂 Yet I have many words of appreciation for all of you who participate in this divine art forms and showcase their talents. I agree with you wholly too that this group shall go places for sure and this is just the tip of the ice berg. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.


  2. Lovely lovely piece of writing, Sudha. The lucidity is what enhances it best. Keep penning, mate..
    Am so happy that my besties were there amidst 2 cheer this Act of ours. It’s immensely satisfying 2 c ur pursuiance bear fruit. And the growing glory is 2 C happy faces in the audience & in turn articles like these.
    Thanks much once again, Sudha. Humbled. V will keep putting in our best acts 2gether, U keep witnessing, U keep penning!! Good Day.. Sayo Nara..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a ton. I just loved your team and the effort that goes in to bring people together to enjoy and also spread cheer to one and all through your musical band. Hope to grace more events like these of the band so I could be inspired through the positive vibes.


  3. Sudha ji , this is Urjita from SanggGeet. Dil se thank u 4 mentioning my name in your blog. “Icing on d cake” ,it’s d most
    beautiful compliment I received till date. Truly humbled.

    Liked by 1 person

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