The New Year Treat

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She had finally achieved her goal. She wondered how she never noticed it earlier. People around had begun to notice the change.

Not realizing that she was well beyond her target;  she thought she should have checked the calendar earlier. That showed how focused she was towards her goals. She smiled happily.

It was almost forty-five days into the new year.

She could just not wait any longer for a treat.  It was over a month now that she had managed to lose a few kilos.

She ripped open the packet to take in the scent of gooey thick rich chocolate.  Um-mm! it sure smelt good after so long.

She thought she would first lock the door from inside lest hubby dear walked in. Within a few minutes the packet was on the floor. She sat on a chair with legs propped up the table, eyes closed and the lingering smile. Her face was a scene of bliss and serenity while the chocolate was not only all over her lips, nose, chin but also over her whole face!

After a while, she scraped a little from her face. It was dry. Time to take off the face pack now.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

3 thoughts on “The New Year Treat

  1. Hahaha… tricked me to believe that its something to do with new year resolution of keeping sweets especially the chocolates at bay!
    Good one Sudha. Keep writing and keep entertaining us.


  2. Two steps forward and one step back. Temptation is the cause of all major failures. With so much hard work lost weight. Gain was squandered by a moment of fealty. But if mind is happy, one may feel good and fit. If mind is unhappy a thin body may bring irritating feeling. So whatever happened was for good only.

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    1. Well I think happiness is actually a state of mind irrespective of how where what we are.
      I agree temptations are a cause for failures but to.keep focus and not be tempted is the biggest exam in our lives.
      Thanks a ton for stopping by Abhijit Ray and sharing your views


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