A rendezvous with a musical club

Musical club ‘Aawaaz Aur Andaaz Karaoke Club’ on 6th Sunday 2019

The musical club aptly named “Aawaaz Aur Andaaz’ Karaoke has a great number of wannabe singers and a few trained singers who live their dreams here on stage. It is one of the finest platforms for singers who want to polish their skills amidst a gathering who are not waiting to judge them. Each singer’s efforts are backed by thunderous applause, not only thus inspiring but motivating them to do better each time they are on stage. The camaraderie between the members is relaxed and comfortable. A little slip here and there is not really looked down upon if they unintentionally forget their lines or timings. It also doubles up as a reason to socialize as they occasionally meet to rehearse their performances. All in all what you have is a bunch of enthusiastic singers who want to just let their hair down and enjoy the performance just like their audiences.
It was undeniably an evening well spent in the company of adored singers.
The Seminar Hall at Mithibai College was filled with enthusiasm amongst the singers as well as the audience. This time it was a ‘Rafi and Rahul’ night. The crowd comprised of a mix of amateur singers, trained singers to state-level accomplished singers and a few senior citizens who were living their dreams crooning to melodious karaoke songs. As the show progressed with some impressive numbers, a few senior citizens took to stage to twist and turn exhibiting their moves, adding to the glitz and glamour on stage.
The chilly hall turned up the heat, a notch higher as singers matched their partners in duet performances with much poise and spirit. One of the new members of the group, Viraj, attempted to lend his voice for both the female and version of a duet. Single-handedly managing to croon to ‘Raat Ke Humsafar chupke Ghar ko Chale’ without so much as stop for a few minutes to breath; he was indeed the icing on the cake.
The anchor Mohan, who is famously ‘nick-named’ by his friends as ‘Mohan-pedia,’ for his extravagant knowledge of music industry, shared snippets before each song that few of us were not aware of. It sure felt like you were listening to either Ameen Sayani or Annu Kapoor who shared stories from within the industry.
Mohan who is a splendid anchor shared stories about how Tahir Hussain- Amir Khan’s father had launched his first own production with the film ‘Madhosh’ in 1974 [Amir played child artiste] and then again redid the film ‘Madhosh’ in 1994 with debut of his son Faisal Khan both of which bombed in box office. The brilliant R.D. musical composition ‘Gulabi Chehra sabine Dekha’ is worth listening to.
You could check out this piece here sung by my friend Krishnanad and his singing partner at the venue.
The original video from the film is here.
As Mohan also shared that the movie ‘Junglee’ was the first Technicolour movie ever made until it took around more than 12 years for the next Technicolour movie to come up. Those days it cost the producers quite some, and they couldn’t afford it.
The movies ‘Kasme Vade’ 1978 and ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ 2000 had the same storyline. The fact that every four years a romantic film with almost the same clichéd story was shot typically at Mahableshwar plateau, albeit with different actors and actresses, was probably how we as an audience were fooled into believing that there was something new to watch out for always. Not much has changed; I suppose, even now. 🙂
I guess it would be safe to mention that it was worth each minute I spent inside the virtually freezing hall to blazing performances back to back by some of the most remarkable singers. I have been in touch with a few of the singers on a personal level for a couple of decades now.
On a personal note, I would like to add that this club welcomes anyone/ any newcomer who would like to pursue singing. It is the brainchild of Anil Bhatt and Murali Narasimhan who have initiated the idea of bringing together the singers and offer them a platform to showcase their versatility.
You must check out their youtube videos from some earlier fabulous performances here –

Did you know what is ‘bhosa’ from the song ‘Barso Re Megha Megha’ check this video out to find out:-




5 thoughts on “A rendezvous with a musical club

  1. Music has a charm of winning hearts. And when its a cool winter evening spent in listening to live performances where the spirit of camaraderie is the main thread of bonding, it has to become a memorable experience.
    Thanks Sudha for sharing this light and musical experience with us.
    By the way, next time when you are attending this program, do let me know 😍😉

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  2. Firstly, I am glad to see you blogging again after a long hiatus. Secondly, what a lovely club you have introduced to us, through this post. Music flourishes through proper guidance and when one is uninhibited and not being judged, for that matter, everything grows when it is not being constantly judged.(from friendships to trust to music) And, what a wonderful imagination Gulzar ji has..isn’t it? Glad to know the meaning of ‘bhosa’ 🙂

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