Love conquers

The guests had all arrived. The wedding rituals had begun. The time had come.

As she turned towards the door, he stood there in front of her. She was not only shocked but fretful. Now that she had almost ‘let go’ of the thought that there no love between them; she did not expect him to be here in her room! Her mind was going through a churn now.


Ria was all decked in bridal jewelry. The groom’s families were just on the way to the venue.

Karan was a wealthy businessman known for his gentle and yet shrewd business acumen.

Her mother had fixed their marriage which was a result of a family feud that had taken place earlier in the month. The give and take of insults from both ends had lead to bruising of egos majorly her mom’s.

There had been a considerable struggle involved between the two families. Ria and Rahul were in a relationship but his family’s priority was about maintaining their status.

Rahul and his parents had insulted Ria’s mom in a grand wedding ceremony where Ria’s mother was the wedding planner.

Since then their lives never remained the same. Abuse of emotions, interpretations, and misunderstanding were the only things consistent.

Through all the confusion, Ria had only been conscious of one question since then. Did Rahul not love her any longer? What happened to those promises they had made to trust each other come what may? Was it all just hogwash? Where did those moments of joy and passion disappear suddenly?


Rahul now held her hand saying, “I love you more than anything in this universe. I am sorry I just realized that a few of my close family members had been backstabbing me. They never wanted to see me happy. I am sorry for leaving you in the lurch. I had made promises to you and could not even consider trusting you a little.” He looked suitably guilty of what had transpired between their families.

She felt all this was a dream.

Her mother suddenly entered Ria’s room and was traumatized to find Rahul there. Before she could react, he told her, “I am incredibly sorry for all that happened. I know you all are hurt. It was all misinterpretation of many things that kept adding up fueling the worst thoughts. “

Her mother was not happy with the way things were unfolding. She told him in a few words “All said and done it is too late now and nothing is going to change today.”

Rahul held Ria’s hand and walked towards the hall where the marriage function was to solemnize.  The sole expression on everyone’s face was –Surprise.

He indicated to take her seat beside the groom and moved away towards the exit.


It was entirely his fault that he had not been able to see her love and trust, for him, in her eyes. How had he been so rude and directed his anger towards her family the other day? He had no right to barge into her life now.  He had lost his love forever. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he could not stop them from flowing.


Ria could sense all eyes on her.

She looked imploringly at Karan. Karan had already sensed there was something brewing between the two of them. Rumour mills were always active in their side of the world.

He gave his nod to her with a considerate look. He had noticed a faraway look in her eyes, on multiple occasions earlier too.

The guests were all looking, but she didn’t care. The time had come. It was now or never.

She just got up amidst the intake of breath collectively by all people present there.

Nothing would stop her now. Her eyes moist with tears, she almost lost her balance on her way out. She ran to him anyway.

He was still standing outside near the parking lot cursing himself.

She heard him talking to himself, “I am such a stupid fool to lose someone who loved me so much.”

She called out to him.

He turned to see her ‘Was he hallucinating?’ he thought and looked away speaking again to himself, “Yes, it serves me right for not trusting her. You will keep dreaming of her all your life now. You are such an idiot!”

“You are an idiot, Rahul!  I am very much standing for real in front of you!” cried Ria amidst tears.

He turned back slowly to hold her and found himself laughing and crying all simultaneously.  “Why are you here?… what happened…. your marriage?” He was so overwhelmed that his speech was blurred and words kept pouring out.

“I love you Rahul, and I cannot live without you. Will you marry me now?”

He chuckled amidst his tears of joy and replied, “How appropriate for us? Should we walk inside right away and get married? The guests are here, and the venue is decked up. So are you.  Why wait for another time, lest you disappear from my life again?” He pulled her towards him, hugging her.

They walked back towards the hall and amidst all whispers, sat down to instruct the confused priest to continue with the rituals.

It was indeed a wedding to remember for decades to come.



i-ran-to-him-her-anyway (1)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Prompt for the week is as given below.

They were looking, but I didn’t care. I ran to him/her anyway.” Write about all the things that led to it or maybe it ended with.


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3 thoughts on “Love conquers

  1. Eternal love triangle. Cruel author why did you keep Karan standing? What was his fault? He had come to marry with all his family and friends. Rahul is eternal favourite of women. He comes out of nowhere and snatches the bride.

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