Forgiveness is a virtue that has immense healing powers. It is said that forgiveness nourishes the soul. If we have to dwell deep into the concept of Karma, the prescribed solution is to ask for forgiveness so that we reduce the impact of bad karma from our present actions, provided it is not an enduring action of our past karma.

Let me elaborate this in the form of a passbook. We do come in with an opening balance (past karma).In the present let us assume you have accumulated some good karmas or bad karmas which negates or nullifies your past transactions. The core objective is not to have a positive balance or a negative balance but to have a zero balance. Here during this process, it is said that if we have the sense of forgiveness, then it reduces the impact of our bad Karma.

For example, if I take the same banking example where you have a negative balance and the bank is willing to restructure your loan or willing to give you more time. This does not remove the impact but surely gives you the necessary cushion to brace for impact.

This is for the spiritually inclined & if you are not one of them then forgiveness is the state which brings in humility which is being preached by all our leaders. Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ are an epitome of that virtue. For the ‘generation next’ the virtue is well articulated in the movie Munnabhai MMBS in the form of Gandhigiri. From a relationship perspective forgiveness really catches the other person off guard, who would be expecting aggression thereby strengthening the relationship in the long run.

It is said that if we don’t accept others bad behaviour towards us it becomes hatred and when we accept it, it becomes forgiveness. Psychologically research has proven that subconsciously it takes at least 6-8 months for the brain to process complete forgiveness for someone who hurt you emotionally. So it is tough and extremely difficult unless you make forgiveness a habit. Hence, in Jainism, you have Paryushan which is an annual 8-10 day festival of reflection and forgiveness to inculcate the habit of forgiveness to nourish your soul.




As far as our relationships with children are concerned we keep forgiving them for their mistakes each time. Children forgive their friends faster as there is no ego within them. As we grow older though, our ego and insecurities do not let us forgive the other and in the process, we hang on to all mundane, negative thoughts of the past and hold the garbage like treasures.

It is indeed time to ‘let go’ of these simple undesirable thoughts that lie scattered in your mind ruining your own health. You don’t lose out on anything but you gain a lot of space and your mind feels light and alive when you forgive others.


For this edition of WOW, the prompt is ‘How do you celebrate forgiveness?’

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23 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Lovely post and I love the way you have summed up different examples from the bank, Munnabhai Movie, kids, Jainism etc. It is very important to let go things as they add up like a burden and make us more negative towards a situation or individual.
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

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  2. “Hold no grudges” – it is easy to say and very difficult to follow. In my life, I have used the principle of – if your own peace is important to you then learn to forgive and forget. Its tough and one needs to be reminded of this each and every passing moment in order that it is followed. Thank you for bringing this introspective post to us. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

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