The U.S. Army War College introduced the concept of VUCA to describe the more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous multilateral world perceived as resulting from the end of the Cold War. This is a concept that is now truer in the real world and quoted more in the corporate and spiritual world. The context being Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity in the real sense of the words applied in the corporate and spiritual scenario.

First, let me elaborate this in the context of the corporate world. Over the last 2-3 years, the external environment has been extremely dynamic due to the advent of technology, hostile global politics and domestic policies like demonetization and GST. All these have created a VUCA like a situation in the workplace. Industries, with a lot of churning happening, results in people down the line constantly facing a challenge of change in management and in parallel battling a new devil called redundancy. For eg, the entire call center business is probably facing an existential crisis with the advent of Voice technology like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With Artificial Intelligence gaining ground, the entire bunch of engineers or coders who found greener pastures in the high paying Tech world are now facing an existential crisis. China`s aggression and Trump`s pro-USA policies are changing the global balance that the entire Indian government policies are now engulfed by VUCA. The small traders in the country are dealing with a double whammy of Demonetization and GST compliance leading to huge losses and bankruptcy. Now, these affected bunches of people have to face the challenge of change management and redundancy by acquiring newer skills & in parallel unlearning their older skills.

In the spiritual world where the focus is on the inner being that the external being VUCA (in the external world) is the root cause of anxiety, pain, fear results in depression and instability in the inner self. The inner self-longs for tranquility to unite with the ultimate; however, the external instability creates ripples and waves of VUCA in the present moment. The simple solution which is better said than done is to be ‘in the present moment’ without any judgment, bias or prejudice. To ‘forgo the past’ to be in the present is what is advised. Lest you are tied to negative forces or thoughts from past. Spiritual masters prescribe yoga and meditation to tide away from this tidal wave called VUCA.

So how do you deal with VUCA? It is clearly expressed in this wonderful picture.


It is a path which is rough, painful and you may collect a lot of bruises on the way. Your hands may turn dirty or greasy.

However, the key to tide through it is well encapsulated in what Franklin Roosevelt said: When you reach the end of the rope, tie a knot in it and hang on…

Spiritually speaking it is the inner self that you need to HANDLE WITH CARE which will automatically take care of your external self and not the other way round.


My contribution to Everyday Gyaan Friday Reflections for this week.


The following were the prompts where I tried my best to incorporate all three of them.

  1. Write a post inspired by this phrase ‘handle with care’
  2. Quote: When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  3. Picture prompt: From Pixabay : As used above

‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blog chatter’

This is my 3rd post for #MyFriendAlexa and 1st post for #Week2


23 thoughts on “VUCA

  1. True, every invention comes with a caveat. So is AI too.
    I still remember the hue and cries in India when the bank was computerized. Today we cannot imagine one without. On the positive note, a new ecosystem of computer & software engg grew.
    So, nothing is permanent except change. How true?

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  2. Hadn’t heard of VUCA before, but it’s a spot on analysis of the times. Very interesting. There is a spiritual war of sorts going on – but thankfully too there is a lot more focus on mindfulness, yoga and other forms of staying in the moment.

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    1. It is a fairly new term thats entered the arena so i guess most people have not heard about it. Yes it is good that we can rely on yoga and mediation for being in the moment. Thanks Corinne for your precious comments.


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