In search of joy

She would never feel joy again – #Post 2 #MyFriendAlexa



Shyla sat in front of her interviewer. They had invited her upon for a chat session after her recent awards in choreography. She had been honoured five awards in the recent Filmstar Awards.

As she looked back a few years ago she could feel the past years project in front of her eyes. It still felt like yesterday.

She felt thankful for where she stood today.

She had been dancing ever since she knew to dance. It was her life.

How could someone live and not dance? She had always wondered.

Her life took a strange twist when a sudden accident rendered her incapable of dancing. She thought she could never feel joy again. After trying out corrective surgery and numerous visits to physiotherapist she decided to redirect her energies towards yoga, Pilates and swimming to get back into shape after the uneventful incident.

She still missed the dance and each time she heard music anywhere, her feet would take off automatically. Yet the little pain that she felt stopped her immediately from immersing herself in her passion.

As time passed her wounds had healed. She had now taken up choreography for various age groups so she could be a part of the dance and also find joy in seeing others performing to the art.

As the interviewer now introduced her,  she was bought back to the present.

‘We are here to welcome the famous choreographer Ms.Shyla who is an epitome of success in her field.’

‘Madam, now that you have come back to the world of dancing through choreography how does it feel? Do share your journey with us.’

Shyla took her a few moments and smiled.

“Let me be honest. I never really left dancing. So the idea of returning doesn’t exist. My life had been a roller coaster post the surgery.  It took me more than three years with all the ups and downs to jump back into the bandwagon. My family stood by me through the thick and thin. So I guess I just have to say a few things. Firstly there is still hope whatever happens in life.”

On being asked if she had any positive thoughts to share with her fans she said,

“Try and be kind to your body. Give it time to shape up after a really long break. Brace yourself mentally and accept that your body changes with age and time so it might take a while to get back into form. There is no need to see it as a deterrent. When you embrace the change positively you will find new opportunities opening in various directions.”

Taking a deep breath and smiling she continued,

Developing new skills to upgrade oneself is a continuous process. If your goal is to return to your passion then keep it alive within. Your motto should be to go well prepared and with the right mindset.  Your body never forgets dance. If you were a dancer once, you are always a dancer.  Be it to dance just for yourself or to chart a career path just be consistent and see the world opening its arms for you.”

Her glowing smile hit the right notes with the audience. Amidst requests to show off some simple dance steps she gracefully moved her feet to the melodious music.

Amidst applause, they ended the chat show and gifted her with warm souvenirs.

Her story was an inspiration to many.


This is the second post for this week1.

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152 thoughts on “In search of joy

  1. Beautiful motivational story Sudha. Nice articulation. A good message to pass on. Life plays its games. You play yours. Never leave the rope of hope. Accept the twist and turns of life and have faith on time and yourself.

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  2. What a motivational post! Fighting against adversities, getting back on your feet and following your passion requires extreme determination…But with the mental strength everything is possible!

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  3. Hey Sudha , Dance is not just performing arts, it’s also an excting exercise, which helps us in keeping fit, making us feel happy. Naturally Shyla the born dancer, follows her passion even after the accident. Thans for the motivating story. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

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