30 things that make me happy

As i sat down to write for this prompt there were various thoughts that kept me in an exhilarated mood. It was an awesome feeling jotting down things and acknowledging these things that make me happy.

  • Nature has it all. What would we do without water? It is the elixir of our lives. We are blissful when we consume water in all forms especially during those scorching summers which form a part of our various thirst quenching recipes fulfilling our taste palettes. Not only that our skin comes fresh and alive after a refreshing shower. [1]
  • Are we not blessed with the little pitter patter sounds that thrill and make us thrive when the rains sound off their arrival? Who doesn’t like the divine red earth soaking all those little droplets that first fall on the ground and give way to a scent that occurs only after the first rains? It is such an awesome feeling to look at those little earthworms wriggle out of their confines as soon as the mud soaks in water into their abodes.[2]
  • I stay thankful for those slight and great things in life that we take for granted. There is a sense of happiness that reaffirms a single thought that at least I belong to the cluster that can help the people in distress.[3]
  • Isn’t it time to cherish each minute of our lives, the first of it being the moment we wake up in bed early morning? [4]
  • Here I shower gratitude to my five senses that are working perfectly well with or without support. The auditory senses love the cacophony of birds that chirp early in mornings. The nose that picks up all those fragrances and optical senses that sense the vibrant colourful dishes spread on the dining table.
  • I feel glad that I have a roof over my head and I don’t have to run to find shelter.[5]
  • The cause for my happiness is the fact that I open the tap and my five senses can feel the water gushing through it. It makes my life easier and simpler. [6]
  • The very fact that there are so many people around me- be it family or friends who seem to have a surge of positivity around them and in any given situation is enough to keep me motivated through the day. [7]
  • Contentment to a large extent is the root cause of happiness. Our lives are a part of a vicious cycle beginning from desires that connect to our thoughts that lead to Vasanas that in turn lead to actions. Whatever be the actions we are prodded to the next level of desires. Once we learn to disconnect consciously from the next course of desire within this cycle we learn to be content. Many at times there are such desires that get disconnected in my life that leaves me contented with WHAT IS.[8]
  • My kids have been a source of happiness even though there are little snags that accompany their upbringing. [9]
  • Hanging out with close friends and at times with acquaintances too is pleasurable as it is an acknowledgement that I am accepted in social circles.[10]
  • My mind is at peace when it is happy. We try to connect happiness with something that occurs in life and grow sad when it doesn’t. The very fact that I acknowledge what makes me glad or sad; keeps me elated. I can at least strive to steer my thoughts in the right direction to stay happy.[11]
  • There are days when watching web series takes over my time and it keeps my mood, mind and senses uplifted. It is such a humble thought that I am extremely obliged to the internet that took over our generation helping us stay in touch with people all over the world.[12]
  • On certain days I find motivation to pen down thoughts for prompts like these that I could reflect on. It helps me stay focused. A minuscule reason for my happiness lies amidst an endeavor to write a post and keep my blog alive.[13]
  • Though I may not be a thorough animal lover yet whenever we visit my sibling, I love the fact that the pet canine welcomes us with lots of affection. Even though there are a certain apprehensions; these voiceless animals do send positive vibes with their unconditional love thereby enhancing our moods. [14]
  • I am so glad I have the opportunity to learn each day something new. All senses stay alert when we decide to learn something new. [15]
  • I stay thankful and happy for realizing my own mistakes that I can refer and correct in the future. [16]
  • The very fact that I have the opportunity to sit back, relax, reflect and have so much of ME TIME that most occupied people may not have is the source of my happiness.[17]
  • I am extremely obliged that there is small amount of money in our accounts that keeps us happy through more than the basic necessities in life.[18]
  • The very fact that we breathe in and out each second of the day we stay fresh and happy.[19]
  • There are days when ‘Comicstaan’ via Amazon prime plays an important role in my gladness. A show that keeps you in splits is what is needed when hormones play spoilsport.[20]
  • Isn’t it good that hormones mark their existence known by transferring us through various spheres or zones? Sometimes my day dawns on a different note. An early morning mood, at times is akin to Mr. Big B -The Angry Man, at times they take different roles like the women dramatizing in serials for effect in ‘Sun TV’ or maybe like Nirupa Roy from Bollywood. [21]
  • I am appreciative to those writers/authors who have taken efforts to transport us to fanciful destinations that we may not visit in the flesh. It is not only the travel to various destinations but it is also the way they set the mood through weaving their stories, sending an Adrenalin rush to our senses. [22]
  • The idea that I can make use of a travel aggregator or my own vehicle to travel to and fro keeps me fresh and happy.
  • At times the pain of a headache is too much to bear. Yet, I appreciate the little pleasures that I sense due to existence of pain.[23]
  • Staying in a democratic country and being able to speak freely is in itself a huge boon.[24]
  • How can we stay gloomy while in a company of scenic mountains, ever flowing rivers and colourful rainbows?[25]
  • A few minutes of chanting hymns that I learned during childhood sends positive vibes to one’s own body and mind.
  • Happiness is when the digestive and excretory system works perfectly well each day.[26]
  • There is happiness in the knowledge, that there are so many diverse cultures, religions and languages help us learn so many new things about each of them.[27]
  • The sunset has been the cause of happiness for many poets. The way sun’s rays invade our homes and make us feel bright is something I love. Imagine a day without sunshine how drab would it be? [28]
  • A session of yoga or meditation keeps me refreshed and fit in turn leading to bliss.[29]
  • Lastly, I stay comfortable and cozy because the army, navy, and military take care of our country and us. [30]
  • This prompt from Blogadda, letting me reflect and write an exhaustive list of literally- not ten, or twenty but thirty things that are the cause for my happiness, is indeed what I am indebted to. The very idea of this prompt got me started to write again after a huge break.
  • I stay extremely thankful to my readers who took the initiative to read this post. I pray that all my readers have positive days ahead.


TO ALL READERS- Do share in the comments section what is your source of happiness- if not 30 at least a few.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all!!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

39 thoughts on “30 things that make me happy

  1. It makes me happy to see you back at your blog and that too with a topic that has self love at its core! If one is happy from within, it then rubs on to everything that he/she touches. Be happy and keep us happy with your regular posts.
    No stooping now, Sudha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found this very motivating.. I guess you can always read this post and imagine about yourself being happy even though you have written it.. Great to see you happy and loving your life

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel happy when my pugs walk up innocently towards me to lick my face.
    I feel happy when someone tells me that my blogs helped them talk about their issues. There is just so much that makes us happy in this world and we dont always appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

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