Drooling dogs

D for the four legged creature dogs – lessons from nature



Do you feel that you are superior as humans? Do you feel you have a sixth sense?

Well that is a no actually. We just believe that we are superior to animals.

Yet the fact stays that they are the most superior in the universe. Who? The dogs, of course!

The sensory perceptions in dogs are much stronger that they can sense dangers as well recognize if any known or unknown enters the vicinity of their house.

Just a smell of a human once is enough to keep them alert at all times.

If you observe dogs be it a domestic or a street dog they have their own chartered territories and don’t like to mess each other’s spaces.

Yet we as humans love to tread the neighbour’s path more than necessary. We love interfering, poking in other’s private life and make a mess out of the non-existent thereby creating chaos in the environments. Immense Insecurity and doubts fill our minds and keep us inspired to indulge in other’s lives.

Though i am not a great animal lover yet staying for a few days with a pet changes us as a person. At first you seem to step away from them but after a while we tend to get attached to them. Also, when you observe a dog have you seen it welcome you with wholeheartedness? Each time you show up irrespective of what you may have done or behaved there is an unconditional love and compassion emanating from it. 

Do not hold grudges. Love unconditionally to overcome the fear within.

At times just look out of the window and let the world pass by you.

Treat yourself to your favourite specials at times

Enjoy that treat leisurely.

Live in the moment

They live life to the fullest. We learn to ‘live in the moment’ from them. How to greet our loved ones with enthusiasm and forgive them for their mistakes is our biggest take away. 

Don’t dogs come in various shapes and sizes too?  However comical it sounds, have you observed any of them looking into the mirror or being upset about their appearances? Each one has unique features yet they always appreciate the features they have. 

All of us are unique. Don’t compare.

Wont it be wonderful to just accept oneself as we are ? The lesser we think of changing our appearance or personality in different ways to imitate others; it will lead to instant peace in our lives. Lesser comparison and ignoring other’s judgments about your shape or size would lead to a happy life.


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31 thoughts on “Drooling dogs

  1. omg.. you have written this so well. quoting from your post “we as humans love to tread the neighbour’s path more than necessary. We love interfering, poking in other’s private life and make a mess out of the non-existent thereby creating chaos in the environments.” how true these words are. i have 6 birds in my home. Two Indian Ring Neck Parrots and 4 love birds. Now my son wants an additional pet, the dog. Fingers crossed as i am confused if i will be able to manage such a big family! lovely post. have a nice day. and thanks for dropping by!

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  2. I am not a doggie person but loved the interpretation of why a dogs life is more peaceful and happy compared to us humans who are always fussing about our appearance and judging people plus holding grudges for fAr too long

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  3. Beautiful comparison between an animal’s and a human’s life.
    Very true, that we as human are more interested in other’s life rather ours. One should make peace with oneself and be content what the life offers.

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  4. I am terrified of animals, but so agree with your thoughts, Sudha. I have friends who own dogs and swear that their lives have changed for the better after they got them as pets.

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  5. I grew up in the family where dogs were our constant companions. One thing that I always loved about the dogs is the way the pet dog welcomes you. One can see the warmth of welcome in its eyes. Wish we could also welcome all our near and dear ones with same warmth and enthusiasm.

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