Surprise gift


She laid the emptied glass of lemonade on the table. A content smile spread across her face.

She looked across the beach laughing at the antics of children frolicking in the waters.

She updated her face-time status “Happy birthday on my 50th. “carpe diem”. I’m blessed.”

As she relaxed with closed eyes, feet up on the chair alongside, she could hear whispers.

Disturbed, she wondered should she open her eyes or ignore the noise.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY REKHA!” rang a chorus all of a sudden.

Bewildered she opened her eyes to face her yesteryear’s friends from college. They had all planned a surprise.

Screaming with excitement she got up from her chair to hug each one of them still unsure of the scene that had sprung in front of her.

It was supposed to be a solitary celebration but this was the best. She could not have asked for anything better.




I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted by Tina and Mayuri


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