Lessons from Nature

Come March and I can see a fever reaching great heights within the community of bloggers. Here I am talking about the blogging fever that goes live in April each year. I am so glad that I am taking part in the #AtoZChallenge April 2018.

I grew up reading all kinds of books be it Champak, Tinkle, Chandamama, moving on to Hardy Boys, Secret Seven, Famous Five and then slowly relating hormones to fiction like Mills & Boons or other novels, Shidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and so on. I guess my tastes have come to a standstill with non fiction books or self motivational ones that sustain my reading interests.

Slowly as I kept reading more and more, I thought of jotting down my own thoughts on various topics. Then came along a blogger friend Anagha Yatin who shared her experience and persuaded me to participate in various challenges or prompts in the blogging world. I assure you that at this point of time, without a prompt my grey cells do not seem to find much inspiration to pen any thoughts. Yet, I stay thankful to a group of co-bloggers who have stood by me to motivate and inspire me with their blogging tips as and when I needed any assistance.

Though I have just about begun my blogging journey, I feel a challenge like #AtoZ would keep me on my toes as well as push me out of my hibernation. I am really looking forward to the challenge as it would entail reading many blogs and connecting with many wonderful bloggers too.

Today being the day for revealing the theme for the challenge I can describe the same in a few words.


Universe is our Teacher

What are we surrounded by?

We are surrounded by nature in abundance. Nature not just means the fauna and flora but the most important of them all is we humans and our ensuing relations too.

Each day we live our lives watching, observing and learning a few good things. At times we get inspired by them and at times we let it pass. Yet whenever we observe and learn from nature; it makes us want to believe that amidst all the tremors and storms of life if plants, birds and animals can withstand the stress why do we give in to our weaknesses too much too soon? What is it that stops us from learning little lessons from nature?

Not only do we learn from  Nature we also understand a few things from our daily activities, beliefs and customs too. Everything around us has a significance that touches our heart if we dare to believe in them.

When we ensure to sync our thoughts and emotions with our body, mind and soul we receive a sense of peace and tranquility.

Nature is our teacher and we humans a learner each day.

I attempt to bring out lessons we learn from nature that is endowed by the Super power above us.

I hope to do justice to this thought by completing the ‘#AtoZ challenge’ this April 2018 successfully.


For freshers like me April is the month for #AtoZChallenge where we write on each alphabet each day. So 26 alphabets for 26 days and Sundays are off.

” I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you? “

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