Cease fire


The view of the riverfront enamored him. A sense of peace prevailed each time he visited.

The boats were moored at the shore.

It bought back memories, some smiles and at times grief.

As he spanned the river front engrossed in his thoughts, it drew him to a couple’s undisturbed silence.

They seemed to be lost in their own thoughts in the light evening breeze.

Holding hands, they sat looking at the ripples of water.

Time stood still. A melancholic emptiness permeated their little corner.

As he approached them their face seemed familiar. His memory flashed back to those headlines with a photo of a child held by a grim faced policeman.

“Refugee crisis: 3 year old washed ashore. The family was making desperate attempt to flee to Greece.” The family had crowded into a small inflatable boat that capsized on the way to Greece.


word count : 144


The Syrian crisis is one of the worst humanitarian crisis in History. More than 11 million Syrians displaced from their homes and many refugees seeking safety and shelter in neighbouring countries. Many host families or relatives with whom they have taken shelter live in rooms with no heat or water, in abandoned chicken coops and in storage sheds. As the host families already survive on meager incomes they keep waiting for financial help as the crisis drags on.

Reading all these stories makes me feel so grateful for where I am and for all those little conveniences that the Super power above has lent us each day. I feel blessed for all those little things we take for granted. Many at times  when I go through a highest state of happiness in life, there is always an immediate low that happens. This is when I wondered “Why Me” Why is my happiness short lived?” Then articles and news that I browsed through or news like these that i watched, make me feel humbled for all that I have in life.

For past fortnight not finding the right time nor mood to write, and the laptop going through maintenance it felt like a pall of gloom fell upon me. It is time to break the melancholy and  i hope to stay focused right on track.


I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri

Linking this post to Tina @ www.tinabasu.com and Mayuri @www.sirimiri.com

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#FridayFotoFiction is a weekly flash fiction writing prompt challenge where Tina and Mayuri give you a photo prompt and ask you to write a 100-150 word flash fiction about it.


7 thoughts on “Cease fire

  1. The picture of a washed ashore baby is etched in mind forever. It keeps haunting us every now and then. Unfortunately many have to face heavy hand of destiny.
    Poignant tale Sudha.


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