Traumatic days


It was almost after a decade he was returning to his home town in a bus.

After a lot of coaxing from his only relatives he had finally decided to pay a visit albeit against his will.

The bus driver suddenly applied the brakes. As he caught hold of the handle of the front seat a familiar feeling of dread developed again. It had been bothering him since the time he had boarded the bus.

He knew he had overcome the feeling long years ago, yet on certain days it tormented him.

Those fleeting thoughts rushed ever so faster now. He could not just control them any longer. He dug into his bag and swallowed two pills with some water.

Try as he might he could never forget why, as kids, were they being attacked so brutally.

It had been years now yet the fear of the bus being vandalized never left him. His nightmares were back.

Should he turn back he pondered? He had reached a crossroad now.


Ever since I read about the bus with kids and teachers being vandalized that too in the name of politics it kept bothering me. I always wonder with the endless depression and schizophrenia issues that have already begun eating up most of our generation now, what ideas are the kids of the next gen being bought up with? Is it that they should fear going to school, so that they are never attacked by some unscrupulous people for some frivolous reasons that they never knew about? What was their role play in the whole matter? Who is responsible for their future? The people who attacked are probably enjoying a party at the behest of their leaders after they themselves approved the film and it’s so called discrepancies. Why blame terrorists from outside the country when we have grown some within our own?

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27 thoughts on “Traumatic days

  1. This is a strong post..I am happy that you gave your flash fiction a prelude and also raised our attention to an important issue. This story is no more a mere fiction but a strong voice against political bullies.

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  2. The scars will take a long time to heal. We can only hope there are no further incidents to worsen them.
    Worst part is innocent children are affected but the culprits have no remorse whatsoever.
    Loved your take, Sudha


    1. Thankyou so much Mayuri for your motivation.. I find it tough to write fiction yet this time I had this topic working on.mind for blood boils reading such news… just penned what I thought.


  3. That’s such a different take on the prompt. Unfortunately our country has no shortage of such bigots who abuse the constitutional freedoms meant to protect us all.

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  4. This is definitely scary. Being a mom i fear for every child on this bus and can’t even imagine how I would have taken it had been a child in the bus. Some incidents leave such strong impression that it’s difficult for adults to wipe them off, these are still just innocent kids. Loved your take, Sudha. I wish we get some sense in our thick heads.

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