Wedding chills



It was freezing.

The girls were walking behind the bride. All dressed to ward off the cold breeze they held onto each other for warmth.

The bride was dressed for her first look.  It was a new fad.  Yet she was shocked at what she had overheard earlier. The groom and his friends would be waiting at the venue.

She thought of the sudden breakdown of car on the way. They hiked up the hills with trepidation.

She eyed her bag she had carried along. On her cue her friends circled around her .

She would not leave this opportunity.

Now the girls walked ahead with her following behind. The groom waited excitedly.

She strode ahead splendidly; head held high, in an oversize faded purple Mickey Mouse shirt and a pair of worn out sweatpants  that she still owned since high school .

The tables had turned on him. His reaction was priceless.


Word count 150




Very often weddings are a place for fun and harmless pranks. This bride loved to play pranks. So this time just like the groom played a prank by spoiling their vehicle and waited to mock at them at the venue, the bride decided to turn tables at them. The groom’s reaction was priceless at the sight of her. She  had changed from bridal clothes to worn out clothes and white sports shoes.  The girls were all giggling. At first he turned his back and then he realised he was outwitted. He again turned  back to face her and found himself laughing.  Everyone enjoyed a laugh and then she changed again to her bridal gown to click a few pictures together.



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