Cackle with glee

Always laugh while you can. It is cheap medicine. The quote stated. I wondered why do we have to remind ourselves with quotes around us to laugh. It doesn’t need effort but only reaction and imagination. 


More often than not we tend to get busy during the day and generally do not take up any interest to laugh or even make others smile. 

As most of you must have read or observed that a child laughs more than any adult.

Many a times we as parents also take extra efforts to get a child to laugh if we find them in a serious mood. Who does not like an infant laughing to their heart’s glory?

child laughter
credits -pixabay

As it is researched and found scientifically; laughter reduces our tensions and anxiety. It releases all the endorphin that relieve us from pain. It is also said laughter boosts the number of anti-body producing cells and increases immune system. In the midst of eating if you end up laughing for any reason your stomach seem to be full almost suddenly. You cannot eat any more. Do you know why? Neither do I .. Please let me also know.

For now here is a story of two friends who decided to share happiness over a cup of coffee.

On one such day, as Rani recollected, she sat with her friend Romila for a cup of coffee and they had set their stress of the day aside. They had decided to enjoy the coffee without any thoughts mulling over them.

As they kept talking this and that, they spoke of what kind of story would interest a reader. Having read various travel blogs and food blogs Rani suffered from something akin to a ‘blog-lag’ and ‘foodgasm’. In the aftermath of these thoughts she speculated aloud, “Just imagine if I were to write a travelogue of my trip. It would begin like this’:- she continued..

‘Diary to Gujarat #Day1 Sweet coffee and its briny reactions!

We all had begun on a journey to Gujarat this year. It was the most awaited trip. Having stayed there initially for a couple of years we just found time to wander and visit the places in Gujarat and Ahmedabad. Those were days when our teen was too young; so we could not travel much.

So while we travelled by the famous Shatabdi  train eating, playing cards, burping and passing wind all  through the trip;- Oh What? Well… [  for non- travelers on Shatabdi – it is known that the meals keep coming every couple of hours and you only sit and stuff yourself with yummy food!]; we enjoyed thoroughly till we reached  the Ahmedabad station.

This led to bouts of laughter albeit a little consciously from Romila.

 On the first day of our travel we reached our Airbnb apartment. It was time for our tour to go to Akshardham Temple. All of us woke up early. The room had just one restroom [obviously] and we all four had woken up with the youngest one directly sprinting inside to relieve his bladder. So the rest of us had nothing better to do but sit and hold onto our brimming and overloaded bladder. Even a little movement or jerk would make us spill all  from the bladder onto the carpet. It would surely be disgraceful we thought if that happened. The carpet would be spoiled and the housekeeping would wonder exactly what kind of activities our family was up to! Ahem!!’

Listening to this, Romila started laughing uncontrollably. The other people having coffee nearby wondered looking at them if they had any civic sense? It made both of them feel a little guilty. They had a sheepish look on their faces for a few minutes but they just shoved that thought aside. What harm would a little laugh do to them?

And so her story continued :-

‘The little one had decided he was in no mood to come out too soon. After a few knocks on the door;  albeit with one hand holding the stomach as if it would stop the water front from flowing ; and a good ten minutes past he decided to answer us by saying: ‘Oh mom, dad! There is such a huge bathtub, I’ll take my bath and come out soon’. Just imagine our status and faces. We could neither shout because the pressure was increasing too much. Finally after a good fifteen minutes he came out of the bath and all of us wanted to rush in at the same time. Seeing no choice it was mutually decided that one by one we would only relieve ourselves and come out soon.’

‘The next thought after WHAT A BIG RELIEF; was  a call to the housekeeping for cups of coffee. Without coffee and some news on android it was difficult to finish the much wanted cleansing of stomach and finish our ablutions. So it happened that one of us picked up the receiver to call for coffee. We tried figuring out the next course of action during the day, till the coffee came.

Once the housekeeping bought the coffee, they were very courteous, we almost jumped to pour ourselves one cup each.  The hot coffee slowly began working its way down to create the necessary bowel movements…..

Before she uttered anything else it invited more peals of laughter from Romila. This time she spluttered the coffee from her mouth almost on to Rani’s face. Rani ducked and the coffee spilled on the table. It made a mess. Rani forgot her story, and they kept laughing and laughing for a while till the moment died down.’

Imagination is what sets the scene. They visualized what happened post the coffee drink. Who would be the one to rush to the restroom and how the other three members would be waiting in queue outside the bath thus ending up being late for their tour that day!

These random thoughts are those that make you laugh. Many a time there is no rhyme or reason to laugh and you should laugh often.

It is a fact that laughter gives those facial muscles a good exercise and keeps them in good motion. Ah! Speaking of motion;  the characters in Rani’s story finally finished their ablutions and they had no need to feel guilty of spoiling the carpets or staining the bed sheets of the hotel room. All the begins well ends well I guess!

Hope this post was stimulating enough to make you smile and pull you through the day. This post for a first time is an attempt to make you all smile if not laugh. Incidentally, Lord Byron quoted ‘Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine’. So find  situations that would make you laugh and keep you happy. So you don’t spend money on doctors. I love watching stand up comedies. It is the best means to laugh if you want a reason to laugh.

How would it sound to you readers if this post was a part of a travelogue? let me know. Having said that I love reading travelogues and they enlighten me about various places I may be unable to travel in this lifetime!

Thankyou and Happy Makar Sankranthi

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  1. Making light of a situation and evoking laughter makes for a good story. One washroom and four people needs lots of adjusting for all to be happy:) I have written about laughter being the best medicine too.

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