Unreal bliss

He was tired. It had been a long day for him. His eyes were groggy from lack of sleep.

She was over-enthusiastic and rhythmically tapped her feet.

He had two left feet.

The video-grapher was causing a commotion.

He had gone through the moves as per instructions.

The lush floral set had been installed for the D-Day tomorrow.

It all seemed too clichéd. Running around trees, holding flowers in hands to indirectly represent a peck, posing innumerable times devoid of real emotions, all for a video for their wedding track. It was all an act.

The wedding planner had already chalked out the events for the D-day.

It was the eve of their wedding and he was jittery. It was his third time and he was unsure of this journey. She was a showstopper in the modeling world.  Everything felt unrealistic. There was something amiss. He could sense it.


148 words


This is my contribution towards Friday Foto Fiction. Linking with Tina and Mayuri



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