The dream house


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With hammer in tow he entered the house.

His boss had asked him to create an 8th wonder. He wanted it to be the talk of the town.

He had done his best to build a dream house as he had visualized.

After thorough assessment of the newly built villa he locked the door securely. Seeing off the others laborers, he walked slowly. He was tired and he was retiring today. He had always fantasized a look alike of this house. He knew he could no longer afford another new loan. He had to be satisfied with his 200 square feet home forever.

He stood ringing the doorbell. The boss opened the door. He smilingly handed over the keys saying, “I have done my best. Hope you like what you see.”

The key was handed over back. His boss said “It is a gift for your valuable 25 years of service to us”. He was stunned.



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18 thoughts on “The dream house

  1. This is a touching story. Hope every boss realises the value of service by his employees. Who doesn’t want such a reward, but filhaal appreciation n regard se hi kaam chal jaega.

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  2. The labrour had done his duty with so much dedication that he got the reward for his work
    He built the 8 th wonder, not knowing
    he will get it as a reward.
    We should do our duty like him not expecting reward.

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