Shhh! Don’t tell anyone


Cathy and her parents moved from a dilapidated house to a swanky new apartment with all luxurious amenities. She found a good friend in Eric her new neighbour, who stayed with his parents. Both set of parents worked as architects and interior designers.

Eric gifted Cathy a baby doll to play with. He said it has unusual powers. She smirked, not taking him seriously. Once she woke up hearing strange noises in the middle of the night. On seeing her doll glowing she picked it up and she was lured towards a wall. Automatically the bricks gave way to an open door that led her to a splendid view of another world.

It was exactly like Cathy used to envision on those times when she missed her brother, Arnold whom she had lost to a tragedy in a stampede. She remembered snippets of conversations that her parents had about the calamity. Vaguely she recollected words like crowd, pushing, flash floods, injured and stampede. She always dreamt if she could have some powers to bring her brother back from the other world.

Now, she was standing in the midst of a magnificent city. As she walked she saw her parents, neighbour, friends walking, chit chatting, playing around. They turned to wave to her. The apartments were similar to where she stayed. A few things were different. The greenery in the garden was so spectacular; a whiff of fragrance tickled her senses. She saw lovely flowers in all shapes, colours and sizes around. As she kept walking around with the doll clutched in her hand; she could see a boy standing with his back to her. All of a sudden he turned and she came face to face with her brother. He smiled and took her hand to show her the city. The smile stuck to her face.  The roads were so clean you could tread in footpaths without any shoes on. Yet her foot would remain smooth and clean. Most people used cycle to reach their destinations or to the nearest stop or station. Parking lots were filled with cycles in thousands. There were hardly a couple of cars parked. She saw disciplined queues at railway stations, at elevators, at ticket counters, people standing for their turn to book tickets. The bus stops were spic and span. The foliage around attracted various migratory birds. The cacophony of sounds was spectacular. People around her smiled more at each other and were at ease. There were no frown lines on their faces. The roadside food trucks were selling everything from eateries, to fresh vegetable and fruits. Every few lanes ahead she saw food trucks with delicious yummy smell wafting from them. Arnold stopped her aside, to have some waffles. She saw the chef serve her food with a smile.

Each house had a small lawn. Everyone segregated waste in their houses, colonies and maintained perfect harmony. The neighbours, her brother informed, met and partied every weekend. The ghettoized waste was picked up according to the schedules in trucks from each colony. The roads were devoid of traffic and air of pollution! Cathy felt like she could live with her brother here forever. It seemed to be so good to be true.

She confided to Eric about all what she saw the next day. She had returned that night back to bed after enjoying the glorious scenery. They both decided to go again together. So Eric planned a sleepover with her. He was excited as she to meet her brother. She whispered to him, “Shhh! Don’t let anyone know”, lest it upset their parents.

I implore you readers too please don’t let anyone know of this new city just in case Cathy’s dream actually materializes.




Word count:621
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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